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Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing, non-intrusive complimentary therapy..  It does not and should not take the place of medical advice but may compliment and work alongside medical care, especially problems which affect the whole body, a classic example being stress.  Stress can affect many systems of the body and if stress is long term or chronic then damage may occur.  If stress is not relieved from the body, it is likely to eventually cause illness and disease.  
The principle of reflexology is that the feet represent a mini-map of the whole body, incorporating each body system, gland, and organ, know as reflexes.  By massaging and applying pressure to the reflexes, the connected areas of the body benefit.  The purpose is to treat the whole person rather than the sympton and as Reflexology encourages the body's own healing process, both mentally and physically as it keeps it balanced.
Many people report an enhanced sense of overall well being, as well as an improvement in specific conditions,  with regular treatments in order to maintain good health and as a preventative to ill health.
Common conditions it may help or improve:
Stress and anxiety
Back pain and sciatica
general aches and pains
hormonal imbalances 
sleep problems
digestive problems
circulatory problems
Unexplained fertility
Headaches and migraines