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Helping with your conception journey
If you are thinking of trying for a baby, Reflexology is a wonderful treatment to get the whole body into balance and optimise health before you begin your journey.
Reflexology may help with unexplained infertility problems, as there is some evidence to suggest stress affects infertility and the chances of pregnancy.  Stress can be an issue for both sexes so it is equally important that both partners reduce their stress levels.
For couples trying to conceive, reflexology can support you physically and emotionally, whether your infertility is unexplained or if you are undergoing medical assistance, including IVF, reflexology may be a valuable support at this time on a physical and emotional level.  The treatment provides relaxation and stress reduction which in itself is beneficial for conception.
Support during  Pregnancy
Reflexology can be used after 14 weeks of pregnancy and a full history will be taken to ensure the treatment is safe for you.  Reflexology aims to optimise the emotional and physical health of pregnant women by working on specific reflexology points whilst providing time out for you to relax.
As the pregnancy progresses, reflexology may be used to help with common ailments and discomforts which may arise, as well as helping with anxiety, expecially as the birth becomes more imminent,  
As the due date approaches, you may find it useful to have more regular treatments to prepare the body for labour and possibly avoid induction if you are overdue.

After pregnancy 
Reflexology may help restore hormonal balance and help with sleep problems as well as increase energy levels as well as providing some much needed rest and relaxation for you.
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Maternity and Reflexology