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The ear candle works as a chimney with the natural movement of the flame creating a draught of moving air, which draws up through the candle, which gently massages the eardrum.  This creates a swirling warm air current and a slight warm vacuum, which helps to dry up moisture within the ear and gently draws out wax.
Conditions helped by ear candling
Compacted and excessive ear wax, ear aches, problems with sinus congestion, colds, flu, glue ear, tinnitus, lymphatic congestions, swollen glands, snoring , balance and equilibrium problems, headaches, allergy symptons, headaches,  pain or pressure when flying , scuba diving or other discomfort from a change in elevation,  may relieve blockages in eustachian tubes.  Regular treatments may help prevent further ear infections and problems for swimmers and divers.

Ear Candling